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M.J. Dunn Company has been manufacturing "CB-504" Style Belt Conveyor Idlers since 1946 and supplying the Sand and Gravel, Asphalt, Mining, Soil Processing, Grain Handling, Concrete, Ready-Mix, Aggregate and Agriculture markets with "American Made" Idlers that give the service customers demand.
Steel Rollers
A. Heavy Gauge Roller Shell
For maximum Strength

B. Smooth Welded Roller Edge
Maximum roll support and no sharp edges.

C. Positive Seal
Bearings are sealed for life.

D. 100% Contact
Between stub shaft and mounting block for strength and positive grip.

E. Hardened Stub Shaft
For long life.

F. Precision Ground Bearings
For long life, smooth operation and heavy loading.

G. Precise Fit
Between bearing and roller. Will not loosen under heavy duty, continuous operation.


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Sample Description Download Catalog Sheet
3-Roll Steel Rollers 20-Degree
3-Roll Steel Rollers 35-Degree
3-Roll Steel Rollers 20-Degree Channel-Mount Low-Headroom
3-Roll Steel Rollers 35-Degree Channel-Mount Low-Headroom
3-Roll Steel Rollers 20&35-Degree Picking Long Center
4 & 5-Roll Steel Rollers 40-Degree Top Mount Channel Mount
Steel Rollers Return/Carrier
Self-Cleaning Beater-Bar Rollers Return/Carrier
Live-Shaft Beater-Bar Returns
Training Troughing & Return Idlers
Side Guide Rollers
Rubber-Impact Rollers
H. Large Grease Cavity
Holds plenty of lubricant for long life.

I. Solid Molded Rubber Discs
For maximum impact resistance.

J. Self Aligning
Bearings to stub shaft for continuous alignment.

K. Drilled Mounting Block
For strength and positive grip.

L. Replaceable Components
Only repair or replace what you need to.

M. Extra Heavy Wall Tube
For extra strength in heavy-impact applications.

Sample Description Download Catalog Sheet
3-Roll Rubber-Impact Idler 20-Degree
3-Roll Rubber-Impact Idler 35-Degree
3-Roll Rubber-Impact Idler Channel-Mount Low-Headroom
Rubber-Impact Rollers Return/Carrier
Rubber Disc Returns
Live Shaft Rubber-Impact Return/Carrier
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